Game Audio

Papo & Yo (2012)

Papo & Yo is a puzzle video game, scheduled for a release in 2012 on the PlayStation 3 (PS3) via the PlayStation Network (PSN), developed by the Montreal-based studio Minority.


  • Sound design
  • Game audio implementation
  • Mix and foley recording


  • ProTools (sound design, edition and recording)
  • Wwise (game audio implementation)
  • Unreal (game audio implementation)



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 BugHunt (2008)


BugHunt is an iPhone / iPod Touch application developed by Amoph Technologies and available on the iTunes online Store. BugHunt is a classic arcade style 2D action game that combines pulse-quickening game play with modern art animation and audio effects. High speed action, detailed color graphics, and professional sound effects all provide for exciting game play. Read more or view it in the iTunes Store.


  • Sound design



  • ProTools (sound design and edition)
  • FL Studio (sound design)


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